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Green Bay Vacation Rental Guide

Taking a trip to the historical city of Green Bay is a fantastic idea for all travelers interested in learning more about the oldest city in Wisconsin and experiencing all that it has to offer. Green Bay is located in the Northeast region of Wisconsin along the “Green Bay” portion of Lake Michigan. This city is rich with history and activities that will excite the entire family. The city has something to offer for everyone from football fans to museum lovers to wine drinkers. 

The broad range of activities available in this city makes it a perfect place to find a home to rent for a vacation. On top of everything the city has to offer, there are also gorgeous sights surrounding it. If the active life of the city starts to get too tiring, there is a plethora of nature reserves for tourists to escape to. The culture, history, food (especially cheese) and surrounding nature make Green Bay a desirable getaway vacation home for your family vacation.


Things to Do

An activity for the whole family to enjoy, especially the kids, is the Bay Beach Amusement Park. This offers gorgeous views of the bay from the tops of roller coasters and giant slides, and is a must-visit for families looking to keep the kids entertained! Other family activities include visiting the local zoos in Door County or the new zoo in Green Bay. The bay is one of the best places to visit, and so too are the football facilities. When thinking of Green Bay, one of the first words that comes into the minds of many is “Packers.” Here in Green Bay, there is a bunch of activities for those interested in football: 

  • Lambeau Field Stadium Tours: Taking a tour of one of the oldest, most historical football fields is an amazing experience for Packers fans and football fans in general. This tour through Lambeau Stadium allows you to get an inside look at the stadium and learn more about its history.
  • Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame: After a tour of Lambeau Stadium, you should definitely head over to check out the Packers Hall of Fame. Within walking distance of the stadium, it exhibits display the history and evolution of the Green Bay Packers (and of football in general). You can even visit a replica of Vince Lombardi’s office!
  • Green Bay Packers Heritage Trail: To cap off a day of Packers-centered activities, the Heritage Trail is a great way to learn more about the football team and the city itself. The history of the city of Green Bay is intricately connected with the Packers Football Team, so the Heritage Trail seeks to illuminate the impact they have had on each other.

For those who are interested in history but maybe not so much “football history,” there are plenty of museums throughout Green Bay that are extremely popular and interesting!

  • National Railroad Museum: This museum does exactly what it sounds like: holds exhibits and preserves artifacts that help to tell an engaging story about the history of trains and railroads. One such exhibit even includes a ride on a train, making this a great place to keep kids entertained as well.
  • Neville Public Museum: Green Bay is a city with an extremely interesting history and this museum seeks to tell that story in an entertaining way (along with the history of Northeast Wisconsin/Michigan). The Neville Public Museum serves to keep alive the rich culture and history of the surrounding area, so it is definitely worth a look if you are visiting Green Bay.

When traveling around the city of Green Bay, you will surely work up an appetite and need to stop for some delicious food and drink. Lots of amazing restaurants in the city offer food that the whole family can enjoy.

  • Scray Cheese: Wisconsin is known as the cheese state (and Packers fans as “cheeseheads”) for a reason, and Scray Cheese can help you understand that reason! Scray Cheese not only has delicious cheeses for you to try but also tells a rich history to help you learn more about why cheese is such an important part of Wisconsin.
  • Plae Bistro is another location worth checking out as they are one of the most popular local restaurants.

For adults looking to have a more romantic day together, there are various places that offer alcohol tastings. Titletown Brewing Company and Badger State Brewing Company are both great places to try high-quality beer. For those who enjoy wine more, Captain’s Walk Winery is the place to go.

Getting Here

Green Bay is a relatively accessible city as it has an airport directly within it: Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport (code: GRB). This airport is named after Austin Straubel who served in the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II and was the first aviation casualty from Green Bay.


Green Bay may be famous for the 1967 “Ice Bowl” in which Lambeau Field was literally frozen over due to the low temperatures and a malfunctioning of the field maintenance, but it is not always that cold. In fact, the summers are relatively warm with highs averaging around the mid 60s and high 70s. This opens the door for many fun activities such as:

  • walking the Green Bay Packers Heritage Trail throughout the city
  • visiting the gorgeous scenery of the Green Bay Botanical Gardens
  • taking a picture in front of Wequiock Falls.

While the summer may be the more opportune time to engage in outdoor activities comfortably, there are plenty of things to do in the winter as well—just make sure to bring a heavy coat! The winter in Green Bay brings with it highs in the 20s and lows that can easily get below 10. However, this does suit a number of winter activities, plus it gives you an excuse to take refuge inside many different restaurants. You can do things such as:

  • going skiing
  • visiting and indulging in local cuisines
  • participating in beer and wine tastings.

Popular Areas

One of the aspects of renting a Green Bay vacation home that makes it so interesting is that it has the excitement of a city brimming with activities but is also not too far removed from nature. Throughout the city of Green Bay and the surrounding areas, there are plenty of gorgeous locations to visit and experience:

  • Green Bay Botanical Gardens: These offer a peaceful retreat from the busy city life where you can immerse yourself in the beautiful plants around you, and hopefully recharge your batteries! 
  • Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary: This offers numerous hiking trails throughout the year and skiing trails throughout the winter. When hiking through the area, you may find yourself gazing upon local wildlife, and there are even locations to get a good view of some of these gorgeous animals.

If you are looking for a great photo-op, Wequiock Falls offers a stunning waterfall to experience and take pictures in front of. Even the local parks, such as Pamperin Park, offer beautiful scenery and outdoor activities for the whole family. Pamperin Park is filled with Green Bay history and is well known for its stone pavilion. Just like any park, it is a great place to go for entertainment that the whole family can enjoy.

Green Bay Property Management

We also offer a full-service property management package for those looking to rent out their vacation homes in Green Bay. Contact us to learn more.

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