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Kettle Moraine Vacation Rentals & Management

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Kettle Moraine Flat

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Kettle Moraine Vacation Rental Guide

Located near the eastern side of Wisconsin, between the major cities of Madison and Milwaukee, lies the gorgeous scenery of Kettle Moraine. Spanning north to south, Kettle Moraine stretches out over a diverse range of scenery in Wisconsin. With forest trails to walk, mountains to hike, lakes to fish, log cabins, lake houses, and (lake) beaches to swim, this area is an outdoor paradise with options for every traveler.

Kettle Moraine is an actual moraine that formed from the collision of an ice sheet and a glacier. This left various kettles (frozen areas that eventually melt into lakes) of all sizes scattered all throughout the area. Kettle Moraine is filled with a variety of lakes and water spots, but it also offers other scenery. When imagining an area that forms from the collision of an ice sheet and a glacier, many may not picture an area with densely populated forests. However, Kettle Moraine has countless forest land to explore along with all of the lakes scattered throughout.

This area offers a fantastic opportunity to rent a cabin and escape from the busy world for a bit while embarking on a journey to explore the natural beauty that Kettle Moraine has to offer. However, for those who want to enjoy city life and embark on tourist journeys, Kettle Moraine also serves as a fantastic home base from which to venture. With Madison only an hour and a half away and Milwaukee a close 45 minutes, Kettle Moraine is a great place for people who want to explore big cities while still having nature to retire to.

For those looking to stay locally or escape from busy city life, Kettle Moraine State Forest offers fantastic opportunities for activities throughout the day with enough options to keep travelers busy throughout their entire stay! The scenery is unmatched and there are countless trails, lakes, and places to explore. Renting a beautiful cabin is only the start of your adventure here! Cabin rentals come with such amenities as wifi, fire pits, and air conditioning.

Things to Do

A getaway in Kettle Moraine offers a variety of activities. One of the primary things to do in the area is to explore the gorgeous scenery in addition to the lakeside and lakefront properties. Kettle Moraine State Forest offers a variety of family activities such as:

  • Hiking 
  • Swimming 
  • Horseback Riding
  • Hunting/Fishing
  • Biking
  • Golf courses
  • Kayak

Those who love the outdoors and enjoy their time in nature will want to stay in Kettle Moraine for as long as possible, as the places to explore and relax stretch over 100 miles. 

Due to the way the area was formed, it offers a unique experience for those individuals interested in glaciers and their remnants. With various kettles spread throughout the area, the remains of the glaciers are always beneath your very feet. Furthermore, for visitors who come in the winter, Kettle Moraine offers a variety of winter activities. For example, when there is enough snow (which comes plenty during the winter), various trails are open for cross-country skiing through Kettle Moraine State Forest. Additionally, there are ice fishing locations and paths for snowmobiles, as well as rental locations nearby.

Additionally, the state forest has a visitor center that allows people to learn more about the area. The Henry S. Reuss Ice Age Visitor Center is a must-visit for those interested in the history of the area. It is a great place for families to visit as it provides extremely interesting information about the history of the area and offers spectacular views. This would be the perfect way to begin your trip to Kettle Moraine, as learning about the rich history of the area will give you a greater appreciation for everything you see throughout your trip there. 

For those who enjoy living in the beauty of nature but crave the excitement of the city, Kettle Moraine offers the best of both worlds. With Madison and Milwaukee nearby, there are plenty of amazing locations to check out. Wisconsin is known for its cheese production, so anyone who takes a trip to Wisconsin will certainly be enticed to explore local cheese places.

The Wisconsin Cheese Mart is a fantastic place to visit in nearby Milwaukee. The Village Cheese Shop resides on the outskirts of Milwaukee closer to Kettle Moraine and also offers a delicious experience for those looking to indulge their food cravings. The surrounding areas also offer a plethora of wineries and bars for adults and couples looking to enjoy a quality alcoholic beverage.

Adventures for Couples:

  • Wisconsin Cheese Mart
  • The Village Cheese Shop
  • Apple Barn Orchard and Winery tasting (more in sections below)
  • Romantic picnic with scenic views

Getting Here

The closest airport to Kettle Moraine is Waukesha County Airport (UES). This airport avoids the heavy traffic in the Milwaukee area and is about 40 miles away from Kettle Moraine. However, one may have more luck getting a cheaper flight to the larger airport in the Milwaukee area: General Mitchell International Airport (MKE),  about 43 miles away from Kettle Moraine.


Summer temperatures on average will reach the mid-70s during the day and fall to the low 60s to mid-50s during the night. This weather opens the door for many outdoor activities such as:

  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Cycling

However, you can expect to see rain at some point during your trip, so make sure to pack a jacket for when it happens! 

 Winter temperatures in Kettle Moraine on average will reach a high in the 20s and 30s and fall to the low 20s and 10s during the night. With that in mind, make sure to pack warm clothes to stay cozy! For those looking to engage in winter activities, the months of December, January, and February usually bring in the most snow. Some activities you can do then are:

  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Ice Fishing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Snowshoeing

Again, make sure to pack warm if you are planning travel dates during the winter in Kettle Moraine!

Popular Areas

  • Kettle Moraine State Forest: This is certainly the main attraction of the area. Kettle Moraine State Forest has a plethora of outdoor activities and plenty of hiking trails taking you through beautiful scenery (such as the iconic Ice Age Trail, which passes through for about 40 miles)
  • Rushing Waters Fisheries: This location is home to a restaurant featuring delicious, freshly caught fish, a place where you can catch your own fish, and a general store. Currently, due to the pandemic, the restaurant is not open, but fishing reservations and the general store are both still open and worth checking out
  • Apple Barn Orchard and Winery: Here they make and sell their own wine, as well as hold pickings and wine tastings depending upon the season. Strawberry season starts in June, so that would be the perfect time to come check them out!
  • Natural History Museum in Kettle Moraine State Forest: This museum provides plenty of information about the surrounding area and holds fantastic family events. Most events encourage exploring the forest, which is perfect for those looking to stay active during their trip! 
  • Watson’s Wild West Museum: If you are looking for a true Western experience that includes panning for gold, cowboy performances, and the opportunity to enter a saloon, then look no further than Watson’s Wild West Museum!
  • Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive: This drive takes you to various geographical landmarks, gorgeous picnic locations, and, of course, beautiful scenery. Directions can be found in an information packet from any Kettle Moraine forest office. If you are planning on renting or bringing a car, this is a perfect trip to add to your schedule!

Kettle Moraine Property Management

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