Northwoods Vacation Rental Guide

With lush greenery and pristine chains of lakes, the Northwoods is the perfect getaway for those looking to retreat into the wilderness and reconnect with nature. With almost 4,000 lakes, thousands of miles of hiking and biking trails, and beautiful lakeside sunsets, the Northwoods is the place to get away. 

With remote cabins and fishing holes, you can feel comfortable knowing that you and your family can quietly retreat here in the hidden lands of the Northwoods. The area boasts over half a million acres of public forest and seemingly countless streams and rivers, giving you the space you need to simply paddle away from your worries. 

Outdoor enthusiasts will find the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest and other state parks an absolute dream. In contrast, those who want a bit more energy can find solace in dozens of local, small businesses lining our beautiful town centers. No matter what vacation vibe you crave, the Northwoods guarantees to satisfy that desire.  

Things to Do

The Northwoods boasts a broad range of activities, perfect for families or couples looking for a getaway from their daily lives. No matter your family dynamic, there is absolutely something for everyone! Even during the winter months, you have plenty of activities to choose from. 

If you are a child-free couple looking for time away from the home office and a chance to reconnect with each other, there are lots of options for you both to engage in! Why not rent a cabin or lake home overlooking the St. Germain area’s beautiful glacier lakes? You can wake up to beautiful sunrises and glistening waters. 

For those who are old enough to legally consume alcohol, the Northwoods Region boasts over 15 wineries in idyllic settings, allowing you to enjoy the wine and spirits of the Northwoods. While some wineries are open seasonally, you can relax knowing your vintners are working year-round to ensure your glass of Pinot Grigio or Riesling is to your exact liking. Consider picking up a bottle of your favorite local sparkling wine and taking a trip to view the sunset from a local beach. 

Couples may also enjoy canoeing together (an excellent relationship-builder), whether with their own boat or by renting from one of the many boating facilities scattered throughout the area. The lush forestry and hiking trails are perfect for a date day, then you can finish it all off with a picnic overlooking romantic sights, making your entire trip special. 

If you have children, the Northwoods is an excellent destination for your next family trip. No matter if your children turn their noses up at the idea of taking a hike or fishing, there are still plenty of fun recreational activities for your family to engage in. There are seemingly endless activities perfect for all age ranges, including children’s museums and plenty of parks and playgrounds. Plentiful local restaurants and ice cream parlors nearby are sure to satisfy the cravings of the whole family.

Getting Here

Thankfully, the Northwoods is easily accessible by both car as well as air travel. The area has three airports dispersed evenly to allow travelers from far and wide to come to enjoy the fantastic sites. 

Located in the heart of the Northwoods is the Eagle River Union Airport. This offers courtesy cars for travelers as well as free Wi-Fi and restaurants nearby. The airport is located at 1311 Airport Rd in Eagle River, WI 54521, right off Route 45.

The Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport (RHI) is more local, serving northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It is run by Delta Airlines and flies direct to and from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. RHI is located at 3375 Airport Road, in Rhinelander, WI 54501. P.S.: They have a live airport camera feed on their website, which in itself is fantastic to watch. 

Lastly, a private airport, Lakeland Aviation of Minocqua, Inc, offers flight training and aircraft rentals. Aircraft and drones are welcomed, and aircraft maintenance is provided. Since this airport is not for commercial fights, you won’t be traveling very far. But thankfully, the aviation crew offers plane tours, allowing you to experience the Northwoods’ true beauty. 


No matter the season, you can always find recreational activities to do here in the Northwoods. Unlike some states, Wisconsin experiences all four seasons, allowing you to find something to do no matter when you visit. Wisconsin boasts a beautiful climate, with average rainfall below the national average and cooler summers. This makes it a perfect destination in the summer months; specifically, June, July, and August see comforting summer temperatures, ensuring calm weather for your nature expeditions and downtown strolls. 

While the sky is blue and the sun is shining in the beautiful Northwoods, spring and summer allow residents and visitors alike to bask in the sun on the great lake beaches available for your enjoyment. Deeper into the water, you can swim in crystal-clear lakes or enjoy kayaking across the calm waters. 

Summer is not the only time you can have a blast in the Northwoods! Fall and winter provide incredible foliage and opportunities to enjoy the later months in all of their beauty. Just because there is a bit of snow on the ground does not mean that you can’t enjoy your time in the Northwoods. There are lots of fun, later-in-the-season activities for you and your family to enjoy. 

Fall lends itself to photo-ops as its stunning ruby red and vibrant yellow leaves adorn the many trails and paths located in the Northwood wilderness. During your visit, you can head to one of the many fruit farms and pick your own fruits and vegetables, depending on the season! Farmers’ markets are also held for the majority of the year, so be sure to stop in and experience local and homegrown produce.

Popular Areas

The Northwoods is home to various attractions and landmarks. No matter what time of the year you visit, there is most certainly something to keep you entertained and enamored with the area. 

During the winter, consider visiting one of the plentiful ski trails and resorts to blow off some steam with snow-adorned trees lining the way. Popular trails, such as the Land O’Lakes trails in the Ottawa National Forest, are a must-visit for all seasoned skiers and newbies alike. The Northwoods Ski Trail is perfect for cross-country skiing and snowboarding, as it’s located in Rhinelander. When you are planning your ski trip, make sure to check in on the Wisconsin Snow Report so you can choose the best time. 

Of course, when the weather is warmer and the water flows faster, this opens so many more opportunities to enjoy the Northwoods’ beauties. The Northwoods’ lakes boast impressive fishing spots along with events and tournaments held throughout the year. For the fisherman in your life, you may want to plan your trip around the National Championship Musky Open, hosted in Eagle River. Be sure to check into the Wisconsin Fishing Reports to plan your fishing trip soon.

No matter your ideal vacation, the Northwoods of Wisconsin cater to every relaxation need. The beautiful glacier lakes and emerald-green trails speak enough for the beauty of the Northwoods, making them one of the places you need to visit. Go ahead and put it on your bucket list. 

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