For Owners

Our Approach

The main goal of The Simple Life Hospitality is to provide a high integrity approach to managing the properties of their clients.

As property owners ourselves, we understand the attachment to our vacation homes as a place where we make memories with family and friends. Our properties are a reflection of ourselves and we want them to be treated with the respect they deserve from guests and caretakers.

You Are Our Guest

We create a rapport with our potential guests and ask them to treat the properties as if they were our house guests rather than “renters.” We communicate with guests before, during (as needed) and after their stays to ensure that everything runs smoothly and they can provide a positive review.

A Proven Track Record

While we cannot guarantee success with every rental property, we have a proven track record of success with other properties that we use to identify best practices that we incorporate into all rentals. Your success is our success; if you don’t succeed, neither do we.

We Test Our Theories

We often test new theories on our own properties. We lessen the learning curve by treating ourselves as the guinea pigs. We also research information and best practices to avoid potential pitfalls and gauge the success of other similar
rental properties.

We Use Technology

Guests want to book online and make reservations with credit cards, rather than book over the phone and write checks. They also want to check themselves in to a property at a time that is convenient for their travel schedule. The more flexibility we offer our guests, the more likely they are to book. We believe that an inconvenienced guest is less likely to book a reservation.

You Own Your Property

We are here to support you and your goals.  Whether you choose to rent it out only a few weeks a year to offset costs or as often as possible, we do not dictate how often you can use your property. We’re happy to offer advice when requested, but your property is to be enjoyed as you like! We also strongly support giving time away at your property for charitable purposes. We do the same at our properties.

Maximize Your Income

Are you looking to rent your vacation home? We specialize in short term vacation rentals and are experienced in optimizing your property to maximize your income.